Industrial Design – Clean and Easy

While simple and minimalistic, recycled industrial designs can look old if not kept clean.

Industrial Closet Design PhotoShabby Chic, Retropolitan, Knock-off Rustic…whatever label you use it all is a modification of Industrial Design. The thing most desirable about it all is the awesome ease of keeping it clean.


Pipes and wood are what Diy Diva, Kit uses here in this awesome closet makeover. Hardwood floors are meant to be easy to clean and gorgeous to look at as well as durable and lasting.

Homes are not only a showcase of our design and style but that place we come to to “crash” after a long day dealing with the stresses of life. It’s that place where “life” happens. Putting durable and lasting design into your home is not only attractive but a good investment.


Turkey Creek Essentials is all about making life easier with products that can improve your quality of time spent cleaning. Let’s face it, whether you live in a renovated garage or a million dollar house everybody’s space needs cleaning. Give our mop pads a try on those tile, stone, and stained concrete floors that are so popular in the industrially designed homes. While simple and minimalistic, recycled industrial designs can look old if not kept clean. Your hardwood floors can be the true feature of your home, but shouldn’t be hard to maintain is our belief.

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You can reuse a trio of mason jars to hang Industrial Design Mason Jar Lights imagea corner light, or spruce up an old metal sign as a “new” piece of art. Half the design is done, you just need to add a little “elblow grease” and ingenuity to make  industrial design projects a recycled success.

Don’t think your creative enough? Not so. Take that old metal desk and a little spray paint and make it into a functional gem. How about just perusing over the “junk” in your basement or garage, or check out the neighborhood yard sales for some hidden treasures.

If you still need some inspiration check out our Industrially Speaking Board on Pinterest for more great ideas we pulled from some pretty creative places.


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