Green Cleaning For Pet’s Sake!

Pets are more vulnerable to toxins from household chemicals simply because of their curiosity too. Green cleaning is the way to go!

Green Cleaning for Pet's sake imageDo you have pets? Green Cleaning is the best way to clean when you have sensitive animals around. Chemicals are not good for us or them.

Our little guy pictured here is not super sensitive, but he will eat any dust bunnies or “giblets” that happen to be lying around. He’s pretty much a vacuum cleaner on four legs running on adrenaline.

The Microfiber Mop Pads in our Turkey Creek Essentials line are strong and durable enough to tackle his “dirtiness” and messes. On those rainy days his fur can carry in any number of particles and dirt not to mention the muddy water and tracks he leaves behind. Why get upset, just ease the worries and clean it up with our super absorbent mop pads. The quality is unsurpassed, and the absorbency is unmatched with the split microfiber materials they are made from.

Pets are more vulnerable to toxins from household chemicals simply because of their curiosity too. They will put their nose to the ground and sniff when this is unsafe. Fumes and residue can be harmful and cause internal damage to our little buddies. Toxic fumes and residue can causehousehold chemicals can harm your pets image membrane damage to your pet’s nose and eyes. Lots of pets are curious of new odors left behind from cleaning products. Those nice scents the chemicals are doctored up with can be harmful.

Green Cleaning is accomplished by using our Turkey Creek Essentials mop pads alone for maximum absorbency or dampened with water and squeezed out for swiping up those footprints and muddy tracks. Some pets have a tendency to break out with rashes or sneeze when strong cleaners are used for cleaning. The use of plain water and microfiber pads can clean up any number of germs and microbes without using chemicals. Studies have shown microfiber can clean more thoroughly than a cotton cloth or a sponge.

The next time your pets  bring in a mess for you, don’t get upset. Clean it up with microfiber and water. Your pets will be glad you did.




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