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Video: Healthcare Company’s Microfiber Cleaning Of Hospital Rooms

This video shows the process of cleaning a hospital room using microfiber products. I like the method they use to detach and pick up the really dirty mop pads, touching them as little as possible! If you are not using microfiber, this video may help change your mind. Let us know what you think…

Essential, Simple Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air! Down south we can smell it in the warm breezes, yes mid March breezes. The yellow daffodils make me think of our newest product – Our Dustgobbler 360­° Extendable Duster. Now you can reach those high spots and vaulted ceilings without risking life and limb on a step ladder or rickety stool. With our extendable […]

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What Do Others Have to Say About Our Mop Pads?

We are so lucky to have some great folks leaving great comments about our Turkey Creek Essentials Products all across the Social Networks. See what they have to say about our mop pads.

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So, How Do You Clean Microfiber?

Microfiber is a technologically engineered material that has absorption qualities like no other. The split microfiber is better suited for products like our mop pads because this gives the material extra dirt and dust grabbing features. Your microfiber sheets are soft, but that isn’t split fiber. That type of microfiber is made for softness, not absorption. Cleaning microfiber is easy, but it’s […]