How to Clean Your Hardwood Floors Without Streaking

Is there a way to get a really clean, streak-free shine on your hardwood floors? Learn how to here. Give this a try!

How many times have you wondered how to get a really clean, streak-free shine on your hardwood floors?

Well, you may want to try using a black tea solution, just strained black tea and water. The general con-census is there will be a streak-free shine left behind. The black tea contains tannic acid that has the capability of leaving behind clean, shiny floors when used as a mopping solution.

However, not just any style mop will work so well as a microfiber wet mop pad. First, clean up the dusty fuzz and hair along with grit. Your daily use microfiber dust mop pad should work just fine. Or if absolutely necessary, when you have excessive, larger grit particles we recommend vacuuming to insure mopping doesn’t scratch the floor. Most of the time, regular dust mopping will take care of the dirt.

Next, mop over them with a solution of about 3-4 black tea bags and hot water. If you dip your microfiber mop head in the solution dilute the hot liquid with some cold water so it’s comfortable to the touch. Just wring out the excess liquid and mop.

Of course, to really get a streak-free shine be careful not to rinse the mop head into the clean solution. Dispose of dirty rinse. Hey, who knew black tea was good for more than drinking or taking care of sweaty feet!

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