Turkey Creek Essentials 20 Inch Microfiber Mop Pads

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by: Turkey Creek Essentials

Introducing the SLIM20 by Turkey Creek Essentials–Washable, Commercial Quality Replacement/Refill Pads for 18 Inch Velcro Attached Mop Frames

  • SLIM20 20″ Microfiber Mop Pads Are 20 X 5.5 Inches and are available in an economical 3-Pack. Excellent Replacement Refill For Rubbermaid Hygen Style Pads. Use With Any Velcro Mop Frames Measuring 18 – 20 Inches.
  • Thick, Super Absorbent SLIM20 Mop Heads Can Be Used Wet or Dry on Smooth Hard Surfaced Residential or Commercial Floors. Ideal For Wet or Damp Mopping Tile, Hardwood, Finished Concrete, Or Any Other Finished Flooring.
  • Green Clean – Made of Economical, Eco-Friendly, Split Microfiber with a Pleasant Variegated Teal Green Color. Can Be Effectively Used With Only Water, or Floor Cleaners. Provides a More Sterile, Cleaner Surface Than Any Other System. Foam Core Provides More Absorption of Liquids and Less Need of Reloading Solution.
  • Reusable & Washable Microfiber SLIM20 Mop Pads Can be Machine Washed, Then Air Dry or Tumble Dry on Low Heat Without Additives to Best Maintain Their Absorption Ability.
  • Turkey Creek Essentials Products Are Backed By Our Money Back Guarantee.


Recommended For:

SLIM20 20″ X 5.5″ microfiber mop pads are durable and safe for use in homes, schools, churches, industrial settings, office buildings, hospitals and any other area with smooth hard surfaces that require a streak-free shine. Not recommended for removal of wood chips or heavy, fibrous debris. For that try our Turkey Creek Essentials cotton wedge dust mop. The SLIM20 20″ mop head perfectly fits our 18″ X 3.75″ SLIM20 flat mop frame. Also available on Amazon.


SLIM20 looped fiber, 100% microfiber mop pads are efficient wet or dry. This pad is the best choice for wet applications such as-

• Wet mopping
• Wax applications
• Floor finishes

How To Clean Pads Between Uses:

Can be machine washed multiple times. It is recommended to wash microfiber pads only with other microfiber. Shake out heavily soiled mop pads before washing for a more effective cleaning. Heavily soiled items can clog the microfibers when washed together due to the nature of our split microfiber to attract dust, pet hair and debris. Air dry or tumble dry low heat without additives for best results.

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