Turkey Creek Essentials 18 Inch Flat Mop Kit

360° Swivel Frame with Adjustable Handle, and 2 Premium 18″ Microfiber Pads


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by: Turkey Creek Essentials


MICROFIBER FLAT MOP KIT: Aluminum 70″ Adjustable Handle, 16″ Frame, 1 Velcro Wet Pad & 1 Introductory Offer Fringed Dry Dust Mop Pad

PERFECTLY SIZED FOR HOME, OFFICE OR COMMERCIAL USE: True “Lay Flat” Functionality For Tight Spaces

REFILLS AVAILABLE: Washable Wet Mop Pads Available In Packs of 2, 6, 12, & 24

ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED: Featherweight Aluminum Construction Lessens Fatigue in Arms & Hands

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Turkey Creek Essentials Stands Behind Our Products


Introducing our Dustgobbler Series Microfiber Mop Kit

Wet or Dry Dust Mopping System – Washable, Economical, Refillable.

Our “lay flat” design allows for getting under furniture or small spaces.




Trapezoid style mop frame head measures 16″ long X 3.75″ wide, 1 – 18″ X 5.5″ microfiber wet mop pad, 70″ adjustable aluminum handle interchangeable with many Brands.

Our 70″ adjustable handle allows for maximum 73″ reach when assembled. Our 16″ aluminum frame is the perfect size system for home or office use and is durable enough for daily use.


(Full Color Assembly PDF included in after purchase email OR CLICK HERE TO VIEW NOW.) Unscrew cap, slide cap up onto handle, insert handle with gentle pressure, slide cap down onto threads and twist tight. Adjust handle length- twist and loosen to adjust. FOR BEST RESULTS: Place pad onto floor, place mop frame onto pad.

Sweep up dirt, dust and fine debris using a figure 8 pattern working towards you without lifting mop. Follow up with wet mopping using our wet mop pad for a superior clean with only water or add your favorite cleaner. Our microfiber refill pads replace Bona, Rubbermaid and other starfiber style pads.


Microfiber is a fairly new, technologically engineered product capable of super absorption. Don’t be fooled, not all microfiber pads are equal. Our mop pads are made of “Split” microfiber. This means the fibers are split like a “V” which picks up dirt and dust without leaving streaks of debris and are more absorbent soaking up instead of pushing liquids around. They are more eco-friendly than traditional cotton in eliminating bacteria and germs. Do Not Wash With Other Fabrics or Use Fabric Softener / Wet pad- 100% Microfiber / 3mm Plush Foam Padded 80% Polyester 20% Polyamide