Turkey Creek Essentials 12″ BBQ Basting Mop – 2 Pack

Turkey Creek Essentials BBQ Basting Mop

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By: Turkey Creek Essentials

12″ BBQ Basting Mops for Roasting or Grilling, Apply Barbeque Sauce, Marinade or Glazing, Cotton Fiber Head and Natural Hardwood Handle, Dish Mop Style, Perfect for Cooking or Cleaning – Pack of 2


  • COOKING: 12″ Barbeque Mop For Serious Grillers Will Baste Turkey, Brisket, Ribs or Roasts With Ease
  • CONVENIENT: Our Pack of 2 Makes it Easy to Designate One For Grilling and One For Cleaning
  • CLEANING: Perfect As a Dish Mop For Cleaning Crystal Glasses,Tight Canning Jars and So Much More
  • RECOMMENDED CARE: Wash With Dish Soap, Add a Few Drops of Bleach and Air Dry. Dishwasher Safe.
  • GUARANTEED: As Usual, We 100% Guarantee the Quality of Our Turkey Creek Essentials Brand Products, Or Your Money Back.

BBQ MINI MOP: Multi-Purpose Kitchen Tool and Household Accessory

For Cooking: Tired of “Sissy Silicone” Brushes that just won’t hold the Sauce? Try Turkey Creek Essentials’ BBQ Mini Mop to slather on enough sauce to get the grilling job done quickly! Our Sauce Mops help speed up your marinating time, and get you away from the hot grill faster than those tiny brushes. No loose plastic or silicone bristles to worry about getting loose on your food. Get ready for some juicy, marinated turkey, chicken, barbecue ribs, and roast. Works well for preparing buttered vegetables. Our little Mini Mops can deliver!

For Cleaning: Also the best, soft cotton dish mop available! Small enough to clean glass canning jars or fine crystal, and large enough to get the job done fast. Fits well into baby bottles, water decanters, large drink cups and coffee pots to clean those stains. Don’t risk cuts from pitchers or glasses too small to reach inside with ease. Now cleaning is safer with our strong, natural wood handle dish mop. Comes in a convenient pack of 2 which makes it convenient to have one for cleaning and one for cooking!

Clean-Up and Care of the Mini Mop: Washing out the Mini-Mop is fast and simple with warm water and soap, and add a few drops of bleach for freshness. Dishwasher Safe too!

Grab a set from Amazon today, we 100% guarantee satisfaction, or your money back!

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