Essential, Simple Spring Cleaning

Dustgobbler™ 360° Extendable DusterSpring is in the air! Down south we can smell it in the warm breezes, yes mid March breezes. The yellow daffodils make me think of our newest product – Our Dustgobbler 360­° Extendable Duster.

Now you can reach those high spots and vaulted ceilings without risking life and limb on a step ladder or rickety stool. With our extendable handle the ladybug colony in the corner won’t stand a chance. Just untwist the plastic tightening nut and give the top a quick pull to extend the Dustgobbler™ to a lengthy 41″. Try not to overtighten the adjustable nut. After all, it is plastic and can be stripped so it doesn’t tighten anymore.

The fluffy microfiber “feathers” are whispy and light, but don’t be fooled into thinking they can’t hold up to a good dusting. Our tough microfiber dusters are ready to take on the nastiest ceiling fans with the winter dust they’ve been harboring. Don’t be afraid to bend the head to fit around the fan blades or reach the edges of a high shelf.  The Dustgobbler™ is up to the spring cleaning task of dusting the worst webs a corner can hold.

This fun little “feather” duster is washable, just not in a machine. Give the duster a good shake after dusting and rinse under warm water.  Microfibers will attract contaminants by design, so gentle, non-additive detergents will keep your microfiber products unclogged and ready to pick up dirt and dust next time.

Dusting is an aggravating and allergy stirring job. It doesn’t have to be arduous and can be quick and rewarding with our Dustgobbler­™ Series duster. The soft microfiber feathers quickly grab dust from surfaces without stirring it into the air. The dust will stay in the duster till it can hold no more. Avoid shaking the duster vigorously until you are over a waste container or preferrably outside. The dust will fly out! Carry on with a dry duster. Then, give it a rinse, and you’re ready to reuse next time. Hang it by the handle loop to dry.

With the newer electronics screens scratching the surface is one thing you certainly want to avoid, So, it is a perfect cleaning tool to gently swipe away static bound dust without scratching.

We are sure you will get many repeat uses from one duster. Our reasonable price makes our reusable Dustgobbler­™ 360° extendable duster an economical alternative to those popular “swifty” throw-aways.

Be prepared for the pollen season irritants. Do yourself and your allergies a favor, and pick up your Dustgobbler­™ today.  Your Spring Cleaning has never been made easier!

Available in 1-pack or 2-pack

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