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We at Turkey Creek Essentials are glad to introduce to you our branded products to make your life easier. Besides death and taxes, we all eat, sleep and are guaranteed to clean at some point! “Why should it be difficult and time consuming?” was our question. With our new line of products we hope to make the task of maintaining your cleaning chores an easy one.

We come to you from the “Good ‘Ole South” in the USA and are excited to be where we are. Our home is located near, and our business is named after the creek that runs through our woods, Turkey Creek. The Essentials are those things that are “sure” or that most folks can not do without. We hope to provide quality, essential products to you at affordable prices.

We stand behind the quality and workmanship of our products and buy from United States suppliers and manufacturers whenever possible, even it it costs a little more. As United States Citizens not afraid of a little hard work we believe in American Opportunity and like to help provide jobs in this great country whenever possible.

Don’t forget to stop by our Facebook page when you can, and like us there. We will be offering trial periods for you to try our products at a reduced price or for free, but it will be on a first come, limited time basis. Make sure and sign up on our Facebook page so you will be one of the first to know about our offers.

“Thanks for stopping by at Turkey Creek Essentials.”

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